Teardrop Bar

" We have now launched our new Pull Out Bar Trailer 

"Pull Out Bar"

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 We offer a fully bespoke service and we can tailor your " Bar Trailer" to your requirements.
 Our Teardrops are available in a range of colour's and we have over 100 diferent laminate finishings for the internal units, So make yours unique. We can also colour match the trailer to your towing vehicle, If required.

" Large range of laminates to choose from for the bar worktop and shelving

Our Bar Trailers  comes with a Solar panel complete with controller this maintains and keeps your leisure battery fully charged. The storage box at the front houses a 12volt leisure battery complete with trickle charger which allows the battery to charge when connected to the mains, 
1 x Weatheproof 240volt socket
1 x 12volt socket

The Electric 240v Hook up socket is situated at the bottom rear of the trailer

Our Lightweight trailers Weighing less than 300kg makes them easy to maneuver, and ideal to be towed by a small car, Trike, Motorcycle, or camper van,

"Our Build Quality is exceptional"
The Overall Length including A Frame is 12ft
The trailer is 5ft 6" wide including wheels and 12' long

 10" Steel wheels and 550kg Suspension axels
Our chassis are manufactured by our fabricators with 40mm box section and are Galvanized
All our trailers come with 12 months warranty and are IVA tested by DVSA making them fully road legal. They also come with a VOSA certificate and chassis ID plates.

The Bar Trailers are fully configurable with many options available

The price for the un-furnished bar  is :      £5,755  
                      Fully Furnished Bar :            £8,000

Ordering your trailer

Once you have placed your order a non-refundable £500 deposit will be required and we will then allocate a build slot and advised of the completion date the balance will be due upon collection

Please feel free to contact our sales if you have any questions we will be more than happy to help you