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 We offer a comprehensive range of Teardrop Trailers 
We are constantly refining our Trailers and testing new products. We have designed everything to be completely user friendly, with a logical layout and use of space. Each and every part is warrantied and although our Trailers may appear simple they are very much built to last. Each and every trailer is different so please get creative and make your Teardrop your own. If you would like some guidance then we are on hand to offer advice to ensure you get the very best Trailer for your budget and requirements.

West Midlands Trailers all started off in 2012 with the love of the outdoors and the VW Camping Scene. I decided to build my own Teardrop Trailer to Compliment my VW camper van.  Starting from the ground up I spent 2 years developing and improving the look and practicality of our unique and individual Trailers using the skills gained from my previous trade,
 I managed to design some unique features and with the help of my
brother, we have now turned this into a small family buisiness.Whether you’re a weekend camper who enjoys spending time with the family, or an avid outdoorsman who hunts and fishes, or you want an economical means of travel, The teardrop trailer may be what you need.

  1. Maryann & Martin 's   ( Lady May)
  2. Ian's Grey Metalic Teardrop Trailer
  3. Gavin's White Teardrop Trailer
  4. Louise and Neil collected their very own Nodpod Teardrop
  5. Penny & Robs NODPOD special order in yellow to match VW Beatle
  6. Jan's Glampa Campa



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